The moment you change

We capture nature
in well chosen glassware

to shift every cocktail into a moment worth having.

Our gift:
The way to drink in style

We give you a bouquet of 10 waters to redefine what's possible in bartending, mixology, gatherings.

We are the change in how we show up when we drink and we care to shed light on a new, elegant and responsible culture of indulgence.

How we entertain ourselves matters

ALCHEMICO is a unique lineup of culturally diverse tastes for signature cocktails and flavourful refreshments. With an exquisite assortment of 4 tonic waters and 6 soda mixers, every sip absorbs you in an experience sweetened with organic agave syrup from the unparalleled Agave Tequilana.

As seen in the media:

Sometimes it’s all
about our uniqueness

Guilt free taste

Makes your spirits better. The all-in-one mix of herbs and flavours, no props needed. Gets any good cocktail done.

Perfect size,
ferociously uncompromising

200 ml, not one sip more, not one sip less. One bottle, one exquisite drink prêt-à-boire, relentless in quality.

The best ecosystem of eco-conscious suppliers

We tailor-made all our beverages and we can design custom cocktails for your special location or gathering. Signature is how we know we did what we know best.

Authenticity and transparency

We give you what we say we give you

Diversity in flavours

10 various tastes from all over the world.

Crafted by artisans

To match what mixologists have been waiting for

Romanian production and bottling

Our local state of the art bottling line allows us to control and monitor all stages of production to make sure we land the perfect final product.

Sometimes it's about the courage to open the way

and about the passion for what’s important.

We change habits mindsets culture

People we talk to

barrier breakers
paradigm shifters
changing agents
riding life
riding life


The label free

Our products are the legacy we bring forth to people like you, the unlabelable, the collected cool & crazy who dare, who dream, who create like no other, who sometimes lose it to finally find themselves.


Most people waste their senses and liver on mediocre drinks. At the end of those many nights out, they look back and regret those choices. Not our clients.

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We stand tall through
our centerpiece

How we spend our time matters. And we spend ours changing the world.

We care about every single drink.
Every single gathering.
Every single moment.
Every single smile.
Every single sip.
And we make all of it count.
So that when the time seems to be up, to remember to turn the hourglass and keep going.
It’s infinite.
We’re infinite.

Other times,
it’s all about who trusts first

and shares your courage to challenge status quos and elevate.

But it’s always about the
alchemy of all these

Experience Engagements